The value of quality was ingrained upon Firouzè Akhbari, Founder of Pretty Wild Lingerie, at a young age. This Value evolved into a passion for fabrics and craftsmanship.

Firouzè Akhbari was born in Teheran, Iran in 1971. Love for detail and refinement would defined a pathway in her life. Her upbringing was in Europe, having been raised in the northern city of Groningen, The Netherlands. Through the entirety of her life she was passionate for great lingerie. Her first job was an internship in a lingerie boutique, where her love for the profession blossomed into an understanding of the intricate materials that made up pretty lingerie.

At the age of 13, I bought my first lingerie set: red, including a garter belt which I did not know how to use, but the set as a whole looked so beautiful.

- Firouzè Akhbari -

At an early age, Firouzè traveled extensively throughout the world with her parents and developed a disciplined respect for luxurious fabrics, materials and techniques. Years later, having earned an education in furniture upholstery and restoration, Firouzè started an interior design company and relocated to Antwerp, Belgium; the city that would inspire a return to her passion for lingerie. As an interior designer, the driving force behind her success was her refined use of unique fabrics that were intrinsic to quality and craftsmanship.

After living in Antwerp for several years, Firouzè returned to The Netherlands where she missed the availability of alluring lingerie with sex appeal and made of the finest lace. For this she had to go to Antwerp, Paris or London. It motivated her to develop the Pretty Wild Lingerie label in September of 2011.

Her ideas and inspiration arised from the material itself, Lace. The defining competence for Firouzè is her use of the finest lace in combination with ravishing designs and precious fabrics. Her mission and passion are deeply ingrained into Pretty Wild Lingerie, which is to design lustful lingerie with a perfect fit for every woman who wants to feel feminine in all her veins.

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