Founded in 2011, Pretty Wild Lingerie is an Amsterdam Based Luxury Lingerie Label That Exemplifies Dutch Design & Heritage in Lace.

Designed by Firouzè Akhbari, the brand stands pristine in Dutch artistry, quality, femininity and elegance. Behind the brand is a powerful passion for creating luxurious lingerie. The collection consists of exquisite bras, thongs, suspenders, amstel briefs, bodysuits, and loungewear.

Each design in the collection is innovative, crafted from pristinely selected materials including French and Italian lace, three-dimensional embroidered flowers, genuine leather and the finest silks.

the Collection & Concept

Pretty Wild Lives in the Nowness, Adoptting a Provocative “Here & Now” Attitude.

Instead of designing collections with a theme, Pretty Wild Lingerie designs from emotion. Lace is central to the emotion conveyed and each material and component brings each emotion to life. This creative thought process began with Pretty Wild’s founder Firouzè Akhbari and remains core to the label’s design approach.

Pretty Wild lives in the nowness, adoptting a provocative “here and now” attitude. Each collection, is refined in spontaneity and made available year-round so that feeling special, adventurous and wild, becomes a season-less gift and spontaneous.

Lace is the sole component that dictates the design direction in all Pretty Wild Lingerie. We draw inspirations from the City of Amsterdam's, and the Netherland in how we frame an emotional story. Heritage and role of the Netherlands in the history of lace, dating back to 1519 is a constant remider of our historical role in moving the art of lace forward.

The resulting designs are unique in Dutch design, placing Pretty Wild Lingerie in a league of its own amongst a very few high-end lingerie brands founded in The Netherlands. Each Pretty Wild lingerie piece is sensually differentiating in the way the lace material is layered to form exquisite patterns.

the Gift

It’s About Passion, Sophistication & Sensuality, All Wrapped In A Beautiful Gift Box.

The experience of unwrapping Pretty Wild Lingerie is the ultimate intimate allure. Pretty Wild comes as a gift designed to heighten a woman's sense of pride, sexiness and sophistication. The concept, collections and campaigns are designed to evoke an intimate emotional connection with Pretty Wild’s ardent customers. The campaigns exude refinement that is ever iconic and timeless.

The luxurious, round and oval box, in which every item is presented individually, comes with a large satin tie which needs to be unfolded to open the box. This simple experiential touch adds a sense of curiosity and indulgence. To further emphasize this “every day Christmas” feeling, Pretty Wild Lingerie provides a basic string to every top, bra and babydoll. This string accommodates the design of the set and is a "complimentary gift", completing a set at any time.

Life is a Present, and so are You..

- Pretty Wild Lingerie -

the Campaigns

The Vivid Imagery At The Heart Of Every Pretty Wild Campaign Celebrates A Woman’s Free-Spirited And Liberated Sense Of Sexuality, Adolescence, Nervousness, Innocence, Rebellion And Indifference.

In the main campaign photography, the Gift is underlined by placing a model as a Pin-Up on the Pretty Wild round gift box. This iconic concept, which began with the collaboration of Belgian photography duo Ronald Stoops and his wife Inge Grognard, continues on as a core theme. The ambiance of the Fifties is captured in each image and transformed into a more fashionable look: fading the dividing line between the past and present whilst transforming the campaigns into an iconic constant.

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